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This department was added to the school in september 2001
Having operated the nursery/primary school for 6years,the proprietress felt a need for a Creche. It was borne out of a genuine desire to provide the desired care parent required for their children while they are away at work.
Our hygiene standards are very high.
Our staffers are trained in the art and science of modern nursing.A nurse is also attached to the Creche for emergency.Our Toilet is very clean and there is constant water supply.

Came into existence in year 2002. It is the first class that caters for the babies before serious teaching starts.
It provides the much needed care a working mothers require for their children which would bring them peace,joy and stability.The kids are potty -trained and trained to go off nappies. They are thought on how to hold crayon and pencils. They scribble to and fro. They are thought to Echo words. They learn nursery rhymes.they can recite 1-10 and attempt to write 1-4.they can also recite A-G.they attempt writing A-D. They can also color simple drawings.
They are rrained with many toys and Teaching aids that enhances recognition of object and colours.


Children from reception one  graduate int preparatory class., here children are thought letter work, number work and colouring. They are trained to color, to write more alphabets A-Z,letter work 1-50.They have mainly educational work to toy with.


The children are thought letter work, number work,social norms,rhymes,poems,Colouring,Religious knowledge, French,Computer appreciation, phonics and Diction.

In this Class, the children are thought letter work,Number work, Health education,Social norms,Elementary science ,rhymes, Fine arts,Religious knowledgen Writing computer education etc.
BASIC 1 - 6

The children are taught yhe following subjects

  • English Language

  • Yoruba.

  • Computer Education

  • Mathematics

  • Music.

  • Religious knowledge.

  • Literature in English.

  • Verbal aptitude

  • Vocation aptitude.

  • Quantitative aptitude

  • Health education.

  • Elementary science

  • Social studies.

  • Citizenship education

  • French

  • Information and Computer technology (ICT)

  • Phonics and Diction

  • Agricultural science

  • Creative and visual arts.

These subjects are thought to prepare the children for the national common entrance examination. Lagos state common entrance Examination and Binta International High school Entrance Examination.

  1.  First set of the school did the National common entrance into unity schools in year 1996. We had 100% To date we have continue to score 100% results.

  2.  In May 1995, LTV 8 Ikeja children shows our pupils participated in drama, quiz and fashion show,parade and dancing.we excelled and Won many prizes.

  3. In November 1995, Binta International schools came first in the Whiz kids competition organised by AIT.

  4.  In April 2006, the school participated in a debate competition organized by St. Benerdines Nursery and Primary school Ipaja and we came Second.

  5. In 2006 and 2007, our debating society Won 1st and 2nd prizes in debate respectively.

  6. The school Won prizes in French competition in february 2007.

  7. In 2006 and 2007,the pupils participated in Milo award competition and they came out the best in academics.

  8. Our debating society continue to Win 1st prizes in debates.


From Nursery 1-Basic , there is a provision for scholarship award to an indigent pupil in each class in every academic session.

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